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Improve your mental skills. Solve your mindset challenges. Achieve your athletic dreams. Stay spiritually happy and mentally healthy while chasing them.

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Top 10 reasons why you should (and must) join Gold Medal Mindset:

High-level content. In college, I played basketball and won 4 consecutive national titles. I became a medical therapist and won an award, then moved to a new country where I became the first in history to accomplish something. Then, I did some motivational speaking and won the European Championship. At 35 years old, I started the sport of triathlon and became professional in 4 years. When I do something, this is the level I perform at. This is the level you can expect to reach.

Incredibly affordable price. Whether you are a professional or an amateur with a big dream, at only 9€/month or 87€/year, any athlete can afford it. Don't let the price fool you. It's ridiculously under priced. The reason why is because I don't want any athlete alive to be penalized just because he doesn't have much ressources or because other people don't believe in his or her dreams yet.

Life-changing. Gold Medal Mindset is the program I wish existed when I was young. If that had been the case, my life would have been so different. A lot more successful and a lot less painful. Without a doubt.

Two new videos each week, whereas most training programs offer only one.

Evolving content, whereas the content of most training programs is set with a certain number of modules or weeks.

Customized content. When you comment, you influence the topic addressed in the future videos.

Teaching style combining empathy, clarity and energy (former medical therapist, english teacher and motivational speaking champion).

Unique teaching style based on my personal experiences, not books or the content of others.

Today is the day. There are people with reason and people with results. I am giving you one free mindset lesson here: Successful elite athletes are successful because they execute. Unsuccessful elite athletes are unsuccessful because they analyze. Every time I wonder how I could have fast-forwarded my results, the answer is always the same: decide earlier. Today is the day for you. There is no logical reasons to wait for tomorrow. Sometimes, athletes tell me that they are in a rush to succeed, to improve and to get results. Then later, they tell me they want to wait. Wait for what? You are in a rush! There is no waiting. Today is the day.

Worst case scenario? You don't like this product for whatever reason. You cancel your membership. You go back to your life. You lost 9 €. What is the best case scenario? You love Gold Medal Mindset. You solve challenges that limited your growth as an athlete. You are happier. You have great relationships with the people you love. You achieve a crazy level in your sport. You feel a lot more serene and peaceful. Your stress level is so much better. You develop a vision of what you want to do after your career. Your whole life trajectory is changed. So, should we compare those two scenarios? Really? Just join.

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"I was Gregory's last triathlon coach, when he was 39 years old. Together, we beat all his records. He definitely has the same mindset as elite athletes. He is not afraid to have big dreams and always carries with him a positive attitude."

- Sergio Santos, High Performance Triathlon Coach and Technical Director of the Triathlon Brazil National Team

Your Instructor

Gregory Berge
Gregory Berge

Former professional triathlete, European Champion of motivational speaking, Award-winning medical therapist and 4x college basketball national champion, Gregory is a Mindset Coach and Founder of The Best Athlete You Can Be. He lives in Tokyo and works with Elite Athletes.

He will guide you in this course where his purpose will be to solve your mindset challenges, show you the way to success as an athlete, and make sure that you are spiritually happy and mentally healthy while you chase your athletic dreams.

For more information about Gregory: www.TheBestAthleteYouCanBe.com

"There is truly something unique about Gregory. I saw him come back from 3 ACL surgeries to win 4 consecutive college basketball national titles, but also start the sport of triathlon at 35 years old to become professional at 39. If you choose to join this course, it will be impossible for you not to get better, in terms of performance but also humanity."

- Alain Weisz, Basketball Coach of the French National Team, Silver Medalist during the 2000 Sydney Olympics

"When I saw Gregory win the European Championship of public speaking, I knew I had someone exceptional in front of me. Leader at heart, he will use powerful words, dramatic personal stories and a caring attitude to help you become a better version of yourself."

- Siegfried Haack, Professional Speaker and Leadership Trainer

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course started in October 2018 and never ends.
How long do I have access to this channel?
Once you join this channel, you have unlimited access to all the videos, those already uploaded and those who will be added during your membership.
What am I going to learn in this course?
You are going to learn how to solve competition and sport-specific mindset challenges that are inherent to all athletes. You are going to learn the differences, in terms of mental approaches, between successful and unsuccessful athletes. You are going to learn how to be spiritually happy and mentally healthy while you pursue something as big as your athletic dreams.
What is the difference between this channel and working 1 on 1 with Gregory?
The videos uploaded on this channel are included in Gregory's coaching packages for elite athletes. What they find unique about Gregory's coaching is that he engages with them daily and in a very customizable way. In other words, he listens and asks them questions every day, and if they need something particular (a sport-specific visualization/meditation session, a mental routine, etc) he'll design it for them. For more information, see Gregory's website.
What if I want to be coached 1 on 1 by Gregory?
Contact him at gb@TheBestAthleteYouCanBe.com
I already have a sport-specific coach, is this channel for me?
Of course, it is! In the world of elite performance, coaches are ultra specialized. There are offensive coaches, defensive coaches, physiologists, consultants experts in one skill, etc. So, it's very logical, in addition, to work on your mental skills with a mindset coach.
My season just finished, is it the right time to join this channel?
I will always be honest and authentic with you. There is only one case where I recommend athletes to wait before joining this channel. It's during your offseason. During that time, the goal is to rest your body and to relax your mind. One triathlon coach told me one day, "During the offseason, you shouldn't even think about triathlon". If that's your case, rest and come back in a few weeks. In all other cases, now is the right time.
What if I don't like this channel?
First of all, please tell us why. If we can make things better, we will. Secondly, if you're still not satisfied, simply cancel your membership. We do not provide refunds. If you're on the fence, go to Gregory's Instagram page at the_best_athlete_you_can_be to get a clearer vision of the messages and mindset advice he shares and teaches.
I am already really motivated, will I really learn something on this channel?
Oh yes! And more than you think! Back when I was a professional triathlete, my motivation level was second to none, and all my coaches agreed on the quality of my mindset. However, when I compare what I know now with what I knew back then, I realize how little I knew and how little my mental skills were actually developed. If you are already motivated, that's great, but there is so much you don't know, that you will learn here and that will help you become a better athlete.
I am not an elite athlete, is this course really for me?
Yes, it is. Never mind your age and your skills level, competition, opponents and the desire to succeed, to do well have the power to push our mental skills to their limits and make us nervous, doubt, lack confidence, over analyze, negative, etc. All athletes will benefit from this channel, without a doubt.
How does the payment work?
Subscription to this channel is 9 € per month or 87 € per year. Your payment must be made with a credit card or PayPal. Once you subscribe, the payment is automatic, every month or every year. If you wish to stop your subscription, cancel your subscription before the actual date of your next payment.
I am not an athlete, will this course be interesting for me?
I always compare athletes to artists, dancers, entrepreneurs because the mindset required to succeed in those fiels is quite similar. If you belong to one of these populations, yes, I belive that Gold Medal Mindset can help you. However, remember that the references in the content are highly sport specific. In all case, you can always subscribe for a month, learn a few nuggets of advice and stop your subscription after a month if the product is too sport oriented for you.

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